How to Use "NOW the Path Forward"

The philosophical premise is that we are not going to wait for someone else to do it for us.  We are doing it ourselves ... now.

NOW the Path Forward is an educational website using the Moodle content management system to host "courses."  The courses are actually collaborative efforts to solve real life issues by growing solutions.  The "teachers" are more like moderators, providing some instruction, but mostly guiding the group.   The "students" are collaborators.   Don't think of the courses in a traditional sense, but rather as work space.  Contribute at any level you like.   By participating as a "teacher" or "student" you agree to the Terms of Service and that all materials created on NOW the Path Forwarded are shared by the community under a Creative Commons license.  

Suggested additional course titles are:   Rituals for Daily Living, Hosting a Stone Soup Event, Hosting a Houtenanny Event, Repurposing Used Clothing/Linens, Repurposing Furniture, Repurposing Miscellaneous Stuff, Harvesting Rain Water, Creating a Conversion Kit for Vehicles from Gas to Electric, Solar Water Heaters, Foraging for Food - What Food Grows Wild in Your Area?, Preserving Food - What Works for You?, Shipping Container Living Space, Alternative Affordable Living Space, Using Solar, Wind, and Batteries for Sustainable Energy, Bringing Soil Back to Life, Dyslexic, Introverted, and Color-Blind Students in Education, Growing Artistic Endeavors in Education, Taking Competition out of Wellness in Education, Cooking What You Grow,  Bartering Systems, Families Raising Chickens, Families Raising Dairy Goats, Families Raising Dairy Cows, Families Raising Beef Cattle, Sustainable Hunting as a Primary Meat Source, Creating a Food Forest, Nesting: Making Your Home Welcoming Inexpensively, Families Raising Alternative Livestock and Foul, Families Raising Pork, How to Stop Buying Stuff and Start Making Stuff, Discovering History, Creating Alternative Internet Networks, Restoring Manufactured Housing, Running for Public Office, Creative Recycling, Discovering Poetry, How to Help People, Good Living With Little Money, Encompassing Grieving, How to Stage a Safe and Peaceful Protest, PTSD Veterans - Bringing Them Back to Life, Family Stories as History, The Virtues of Generosity Gratitude Kindness and Compassion, Humility.

If you are interested in participating as a teacher/moderator in any of these courses, please email

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