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Participants in this course will collaborate on building FLOSS programs using C/C++ for Windows, Linux, and Android (using the NDK) .

Your teacher/moderator for the class is Laura M.

You can sign up for this class by emailing marilyn@nowthepathforward.us.

The purpose of this "course" is to collaborate on alternative gardening methods, specifically as solutions for unfriendly soils and climates.  Our goal is to learn how to grow enough food for our families and to share with others, at the minimum.  

If you wish to sign up for this course, send an email to marilyn@nowthepathforward.us with your "name", preferred email, and general location.   As an educational format, open registrations are not allowed.  By signing up for the course, you agree to it's terms of service.

Cooking From Scratch is simply a forum for sharing recipes, and more specifically cooking techniques.

The course moderator is the admin user.

This course is an ongoing book club using classic books from http://www.gutenberg.org.  Your teacher/moderator is Ania Lesca.

If you wish to enroll, send an email to marilyn@nowthepathforward.us.

The Listening Book Club is an ongoing discussion and activities based on audio books from http://librivox.org.  Your teacher moderator is Ania Lesca.

If you wish to enroll send an email to marilyn@nowthepathforward.us.

This course will examine and research all methods of collecting and harvesting rain water.  The teacher/moderator for this collaboration is Ania Lesca.

If you wish to enroll, send an email to marilyn@nowthepathforward.us.

There are those things we do every day that bring us peace and strength.  This course is a place to share your rituals.

The admin user is your moderator.

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